28 January 2023

Winter 2023 ARTbus: Exhibition Tour

Pick-up and drop-off at Mercer Union.

$10 minimum donation includes transportation to all galleries and afternoon refreshments.

In partnership with Oakville Galleries and the Art Gallery of Burlington, Mercer Union invites you to join us for the Winter ARTbus tour of 4 exhibitions. Beginning with Lydia Ourahmane’s exhibition Tassili at Mercer Union, the ARTbus will continue to the Art Gallery of Burlington to tour the solo exhibition of Caroline Monnet, Holding Up The Sky. Then it’s off to Oakville Galleries, where participants will attend the opening reception and celebrations of solo exhibitions Wolf Tones: A Many-Sided House at Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens and Helen Cammock: They Call It Idlewild at Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square. Members of Wolf Tones will be in attendance at Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens.


Our winter ARTbus begins at Mercer Union in Toronto with the exhibition Lydia Ourahmane: Tassili. Tassili (2022) is a moving image work filmed in Tassili n’Ajjer, a Sahara plateau in southeastern Algeria. The artist, together with a group of collaborators and local guides, journeyed through the region on foot for thirteen days; both the group’s footage and movement are at the centre of Ourahmane’s exhibition, which marks the first presentation of her work in Canada. Vibrant and seductive, Tassili is shot in first-person perspective and edited together across the days and nights in the desert. The result is a hypnotic wandering through an otherworldly terrain, producing a portrait of the region with a distinct psychic charge, setting the spiritual, material and political histories of this landscape in dramatic oscillation.


Next, the ARTbus will visit Caroline Monnet: Holding Up The Sky at the Art Gallery of Burlington. In this survey of new and recent works, multidisciplinary artist Caroline Monnet centers geometries, especially the cube, to draw attention to how different spatial relationships condition the way that we live and think. As a form, the cube is present in architecture and many traditions of building, shaping the way we understand the world and dictating the ways in which we live, play, and learn. Monnet’s practice moves between textiles, photography, sculpture, and film to address the complexity of Indigenous identities and bilateral legacies, drawing from her Anishinaabe and French heritages. Curator Suzanne Carte will lead a visitors tour.


Lastly, at Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens and at Centennial Square, the ARTbus will visit the opening of Wolf Tones: A Many-Sided House and Helen Cammock: They Call It Idlewild.

A Many-Sided House is the first exhibition in Canada of work by Wolf Tones (currently Nancy Shaver, Maximilian Goldfarb, Sterrett Smith, Pradeep Dalal, and David Levi Strauss), a collaborative group of US-based artists, convened in 2019 by Nancy Shaver, that has been creating densely constructed installations over the past four years. Working separately and together, these artists gather, borrow, and exchange their works throughout Oakville Galleries at Gairloch Gardens. Wolf Tones presents meditations on the handmade, the anonymous, connection and exchange, difference and recurrence, material histories, the lake, flotsam, and the movement and circulation of images, objects, and materials.


Recipient of the Max Mara Art Prize for Women and a joint recipient of The Turner Prize, British artist Helen Cammock has a multi-disciplinary practice that stretches across film, music, print, performance, and text. For her first exhibition in Canada, Oakville Galleries is showing Cammock's They Call It Idlewild , a film and text installation that considers the notion of idleness, both its potential as a profoundly generative space of creativity and sustenance, and the political misuses, structural power play, and racial stereotyping that surround it.


Mercer Union
1286 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Art Gallery of Burlington
1333 Lakeshore Rd., Burlington

Oakville Galleries
Oakville Galleries at Centennial Square: 120 Navy St, Oakville
Oakville Galleries in Gairloch Gardens: 1306 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville