9 July 2023, 12:00pm ET

Shahana Rajani & Jeanne Penjan Lassus

How to see when there is nothing to see?

This Session is a coming together to reflect on ways of witnessing and seeing beyond disappearance. We share and explore sacred practices that have emerged as forms of resistance at the intersection of climate catastrophe and infrastructural violence in the Indus Delta of Pakistan. Taking as an entry point the sacred poetry and music of 18th century Sufi saint Abdul Shah Latif Bhittai–our guide and anchor into the ancient, mystical knowledges across river and ocean–we attune our bodies and senses to the hidden rhythms of soaking ecologies. We come together to listen to sounds that reverberate in the delta, to wrestle with the task of seeing and engage with alternate modes of remembering and relating.


Shahana Rajani’s practice traces the landscapes and visualities of development, militarization and ecological disturbance using multidisciplinary methods and media. Community-based and collaborative approaches to research are central to her work. She is a co-founder of Karachi LaJamia (with Zahra Malkani), an experimental project exploring radical pedagogies in relation to struggles around land and water in Pakistan.

Jeanne Penjan Lassus is a Thai-French artist and filmmaker. Her works draw from reflections on sensory perceptions and porosity of spaces and bodies. Enquiring how we–humans and other beings–sense and make sense of our environments, her practice focuses on how our perceptions shape our experiences, shape the way we move and extend into space and shape the language we use.

About the Series

SESSION is a project modelling itself after an incubator that invites cultural practitioners to engage with questions that emerge out of a given exhibition.