19 April—24 May 2008

Justin Stephens

Cabin Fever

Back Gallery

"Justin Stephens’ work creates an idealized parallel universe where Modern Art can be put to the service of a hick’s down-to-earth wisdom or a hippy’s bitter sensitivity and spiritual yearning, and in both cases, within a resourceful economy of recycled materials. Maybe minimalist. Potentially conceptual. But if this is Modernism, it has packed its bags and moved to the sticks."
Joey Dubuc, exhibition brochure


Justin Stephens is an artist living and working in Montréal. He has recently relocated back to Canada after living in Australia for three years. In Montréal Stephens has exhibited at B-312, Galerie Clark and Quartier Éphémère. He has collaborated with the Australian collective, The General Will, at First Draft in Sydney, and participated in the ARC Biennial. In the past year Justin was short-listed for the RBC painting competition and was artist in residence at Point Éphémère in Paris.

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