25 April—1 June 2002

Elisabeth Arkhipoff

1978, 1983?

Arkhipoff will present collages and drawings based on the idea of "custom," mixing objects that document significance within personal life, with external additives.


Elisabeth Arkhipoff was born in the Ivory Coast in 1973 in a bi-cultural family (Ukrainian father and Armenian mother). She studied contemporary literature and philosophy, and started her artistic career in 2000. She has had exhibitions at the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Paris; the Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmo, Sweden; and the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.  Her work has been reproduced in several catalogues and magazines including: Frieze, Suddeutsche Zeitung, IDEA, ZOO, Dazed and Confused, Studio Voice, and Victionary. She lives and works in Paris.